Meet the Team

Tommy Ausherman

Co-founder, Vision, and Technical Support

Tommy co-founded Outrider USA in 2009 (then called FFR Trikes). He has Bachelor’s degrees in Appropriate Technology and Geography from Appalachian State University, prefers to design with pencil and paper, and enjoys working with developing technologies. Weapon of choice: Bowstaff Favorite food: Corn (in various formats)

Zachary Thomas

Mechanical Engineer / Designer

Zachary is a self-educated prototype engineer, with eight years of experience. He spends much of his free time acquiring tools and materials for his numerous passion projects.
Favorite band: Dr. Dog Favorite vacation spot:
Hot springs, all over the world

Sawyer Awald

Mechanical Engineer / Designer / Welder

Sawyer has been with Outrider since 2014, starting as an intern in high school. He has a Bachelor’s of Science & Engineering Degree with a concentration in Mechanical Engineering from Western Carolina University. His interests include designing, building, and racing automobiles, as well as CNC machining & welding.

Melody Smith

Office Manager / Bookkeeper

Melody has a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from the University of Central Florida. She enjoys working at Outrider, because it allows her to help individuals rediscover their sense of passion and joy. Favorite band: Relient K Favorite movie(s): Lord of the Rings trilogy
Favorite vacation spot: Bahamas
Weapon of choice: Prayer

Jacob Lothers

PR & Marketing Director

Jacob has a BFA in Screenwriting from University of North Carolina School of the Arts. He has been involved in media and filmmaking since high school, and aspires to write comedic television and work in marketing/advertising. His interests include architecture, automotive design, space travel, and knee-slap induction.
Favorite artists:
Kevin Parker, Phil Collins, Todd Rundgren
Favorite movie: Airplane! Weapon of choice: trebuchet

Mickey Madzinski

Sales Director

Mickey has a B.S. in Finance from University of South Florida. He enjoys playing most sports, dogs and (self-proclaimed) witty puns. His favorite aspect of working at Outrider is the ability to improve spinal cord patients' lives and the small team atmosphere.
Fav movies: Old School, Gump, Shawshank & There's Something About Mary
Fav actor: Will Ferrell

Patrick Walter

Technician / Assembler

Patrick has a Master’s degree in Metalsmithing from UGA. In addition to technician and assembly work, he oversees our inventory, crate assembly, and fleet maintenance. His interests include metal working, fabrication, bikes, and motorcycles. He enjoys the hands-on assembly process and enjoys being a part of bringing mobility to the mobility impaired. Favorite movie: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Favorite artist: Waylon Jennings, Rachmaninoff, Idles
Weapon of choice: Poison dart

David Gustafson

Assembler / Repair Technician

David has always been a tinkerer, and enjoys all things mechanical/electronic. He enjoys building custom computers and working on his custom-built electric moped, which he has developed over 4 years and has a top speed of 42 mph. David also has an extensive background in the culinary arts. He enjoys his hands-on work at Outrider, because he claims that it doesn’t feel like work after all.

Eli Rhyne

Technician / R&D Engineer

Eli is in his senior year of a joint mechatronics engineering program with UNCA/NCSU. He loves design and assembly, and aspires to find a career in Prototype Engineering. He sees Outrider as a place to help him grow and refine his skill sets.
Favorite band: Pink Floyd Favorite vacation spot:
the beach
Weapon of choice: Homemade coil gun

Tate Folds

Mechanical Engineering Intern

Tate is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics Engineering. He believes that Outrider provides him with the experience he needs to expand his engineering abilities.
Weapon of choice:
A pretty sword

Julia McAnulty

Electrical Technician Intern

Julia is in her junior year of college at UNCA, pursuing a degree in Mechatronics Engineering. Her interests include design and programming. She sees Outrider as a great place to get started in these fields. Weapon of choice: Rifle


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