Electric Bikes and Light ATVs for Riders with SCI

Background on Outrider Development for Riders with Spinal Cord Injuries

The last 3 years of heavy R&D here at Outrider was initiated by Chris Wenner, partial quadriplegic adventurer that simply wanted to get out and ride a bike again.  With that goal in mind, we entered into development of the wide range of adaptive features that make the Outrider such an awesome and versatile platform for riders with spinal cord injuries.  Whether your adventure is on the dirt, or on the pavement, we have a machine to fit the bill.  

Meet Chris, the man at the heart of the adaptive Outrider vision

Case Studies

    Chris Wenner:  Tri-pin controls on Horizon with a footrest for high-functioning quadriplegic cyclist 

    Dr. Chris Wenner is the co-creator and visionary behind the Horizon project. He sustained a spinal cord injury when he was 18, and is a c-5,c-6 incomplete quadriplegic.

    Dr. Wenner contacted the Outrider team in late 2013 with a proposal to collaborate on a project that would allow physically disabled individuals, like himself, the opportunity to experience the thrill and freedom of once again, or for the first time in their lives, riding a bike.

    Dr. Wenner had the dream and the passion and Outrider had the expertise and drive to make his dream of a fully adaptive all-terrain electric adventure vehicle a reality.

    With the help of hundreds of supporters and fans, the team launched a very successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of the fully adaptable all-terrain Horizon Electric Adventure Vehicle (EAV).

    With Outrider’s proprietary adaptive Tri-pin controls, Dr, Wenner and other individuals with limited upper body control and diminished hand dexterity can safely and effectively operate the Horizon EAV and independently enjoy riding off the beaten path.   

  • Johnny R.:  Electric Handcycle Horizon for paraplegic competitive road handcyclist
  • Johnny has incomplete paraplegia as a result of a motorcycle accident in 2005.  It wasn’t until he was introduced to the world of adaptive sports that he truly began to heal and feel at peace with his new life. He is active in wheelchair basketball, tennis, and competitive road handcycling.

    His attraction to the Horizon handcycle was its ability to take him off the road and onto the rugged trails precluded to him since his accident. His test ride on the Horizon handcycle was the first time in 10 years that he has been able to explore off the pavement.

    Johnny has full function of his upper limbs and torso making the Horizon handcycle the optimal configuration to provide him with exercise when he wants to use the hand-crank and an electric throttle for when he needs a little extra boost to tackle steep hills and rugged terrain.
    “Awesome! That was awesome. That was the first time I have been able to ride off-road since my accident. I am always on the pavement. Being able to go off-road and jump rocks and creeks. It was just awesome. So much fun.”  -Johnny R.
  • Erika B.: ATV (all-electric)  Horizon with standard vertical handlebars and a footrest 
  • Erika was in a car accident and sustained an injury to her T-11, T-12 vertebrae. She struggled for years to regain confidence in herself and her abilities after her injury. It was not until her involvement with the Ms. Wheelchair America Foundation that she began to see her role as a mentor and spokesperson for the physically disabled community.

    Furthermore, Erika is a fan and participant of wheelchair motocross and other extreme sports and found her experience riding the Horizon ATV to be an equivalent adrenalin rush. She has tried other adaptive cycles in the past, but found they strained her shoulders too much. She enjoyed being able to get speed and traverse rough terrain on the Horizon ATV without having to worry about injuring her shoulders and arms.
    Part of Erika's role as an advocate is to introduce people in the community to the incredible adaptive equipment that is available and to empowering them to embrace their new lives and bodies by participating in fun and collaborative activities.
    “From the advocate side, I can picture my friends who are quadriplegic and do not have much use of the hands or arms finally be able to ride a bike again [...] What you guys have is going to help so many people that without your product wouldn’t be able to do what we just did."  -Erika B.


      The Outrider Horizon Handcycle in Action


      The Tri-Pin Hand Controls in Action 


      Choosing the Right Outrider for your Adventure

      Off Road Electric Handcycle

      If your adventures are offroad, and you want to engage those arms, the Horizon Handcycle is the right choice.  Click here for the product page to learn more.
      Outrider Handcycle


      On Road Electric Handcycle

      If your adventures are on the open road, the Alpha Handcycle is the right choice.  Click here for the product page to learn more.



      Off Road Electric ATV with Vertical Handlebars

      For paraplegic riders that want to go beyond where the blacktop ends, whether it's to a hunting stand, a remote campsite, or that secret fishing hole, the Horizon ATV is the right choice.  Click here for the product page to learn more.

      Outrider Horizon Bike for Paraplegic Mobility Off-Road


      Off Road Electric ATV with Tri-pin Controls

      For partial or incomplete quadriplegic riders that want to go beyond where the blacktop ends, whether it's to a hunting stand, a remote campsite, or that secret fishing hole, the Horizon ATV with Tri-pin hand controls is the right choice.   Click here for the product page to learn more. 

      Outrider Horizon Off-Road Bike for Spinal Cord Injury SCI