We build bikes that get you back out there.

We’ve been in the electric bike business for 11 years. All of our machines are designed and assembled in Fletcher, North Carolina (just south of Asheville). The vast majority of our parts are American-made (roughly 90%), and all of our machine processing (welding, cutting, and powder coating) is done with local partners in Fletcher, or in Florida, Alabama, or Wyoming. We have been building quad/paraplegic trikes since 2014, and are continuing to develop control systems for individuals with even the most minimal degree of personal mobility.

All of our machines are designed to fit through a doorway, and charge off of a standard electrical outlet.

Each bike is custom built to customer specifications, for optimum comfort and usability.

Our highest capacity bikes can travel up to 200 miles on a single charge, and have a top speed of 45 MPH.

We see disability as a spectrum.

Our goal was to make a machine that supports riders anywhere on that spectrum, from a quadriplegic rider with negligible hand function, to an older cyclist with high blood pressure.

Outriders are exceptional exercise machines that make it possible for riders of all ages and abilities to get out and ride together.

The beauty of electric assist in a lightweight application is that it levels the playing field. An Outrider allows you to tackle hills and inclines with ease, and to keep up with friends and traffic.





Build Your Outrider
Build Your Outrider
Build Your Outrider

Build Your Outrider

$4,995 USD

Let Outrider build the perfect ride for you. We offer a wide range of configurations for every riding style and ability.  Our vehicles can help open roads that have been closed. From on-road to every-road, we tailor rides for your specific needs. Our family of vehicles are designed to flatten mountains and shrink miles.

Explore what’s possible with the configurator on the left or head up to the drop-down menu at the top to get to know our family of vehicles a little better.  

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Give the gift of freedom to yourself or someone you know by booking an extended test ride or long term rental. We'll ship it to your door, fully assembled and ready to ride so you can try it in your own neighborhood.

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