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The Outrider Electric Trike was designed to empower an all terrain experience that was adaptable for adventurists with disabilities and typical athletes, alike. - Redbull 


 It’s also a blast to ride. If you don’t think 40 mph sounds like much, consider that that’s about how fast you’d be traveling after a five-story freefall. Riding the Alpha is probably about as visceral. - Ezra Dyer for Yahoo! Autos





Looking to burn a little rubber while also burning some calories? Outrider USA manufactures and sells their Ultralight Adventure Vehicles that let you pedal while reclining comfortably on their electric hybrid bikes. - Inhabitat

Not only do they look pretty spiffy and comfy, but they can reach speeds of up to 40 mph (64 km/h). - Gizmag

Let's just say the Outrider USA recumbent electric trikes are high performance vehicles. - Electric Bike Report

What can I say... these trikes are totally awesome. This counts as my favorite test ride of any production electric bike ever. This is also my longest and farthest test ride. Outrider trikes are so much fun to ride, that anyone spending a day on one in the right terrain on a good day will probably not forget that day for the rest of their life. Everyone should have one.. -

Don’t even think of calling the Outrider a tricycle. - Electric Bike Action 

...Outrider’s pedal electric vehicles take the recumbent trike to new levels. the Pike’s Peak Pedal Electric Hill Climb (is there anything they don’t race up Pike’s Peak?), Outrider sent all of the other electric bikes home to recharge after taking 1st and 2nd and setting a new course record of 23:32 in the process. - Bike Rumor

 The Outrider 422 Alpha is a recumbent trike style electric bike that offers stability, aerodynamics and power unmatched by any other system I’ve tested. - Electric Bike Review

Horizon in the News 

The Horizon is on point to bring the innovation into the woods... - ATV Connection

It is unique in its ability to tackle tough terrain, from mud and sleet to steep mountains, at speeds up to 25 miles per hour. The Horizon also sports precise hand and foot controls that allow it to be skillfully operated by any kind of rider. - Curiosity Magazine

Creates adaptive all-terrain electric bikes (actually trikes) that can be used by those with physical disabilities, including paraplegics and quadriplegics. - The Huffington Post

The Horizon adapts to the abilities of the rider — from riders with full leg and arm function to riders with limited function such as paraplegics and quadriplegics. - GearJunkie

What also grabbed my attention is that the Horizon trike is available in nine different adaptive option modes. - New Mobility

Chris Wenner has been collaborating with Outrider USA and other bike experts on the tricycle he’s road testing. It has a powerful electric motor, a lithium battery and specially adapted hand controls. - KPBS

Through collaborations with Chris Wenner and adaptive sports and rehabilitation centres across the country, Outrider created a truly adaptive bike that could be used by individuals of all abilities. - Fast Company

It's a great design that would give more freedom of mobility to people who don't have full function of their limbs, but who would want to experience the great outdoors like anyone else. - TreeHugger

It is one of the most revolutionary concepts to ever hit the world of mountain biking. - The Active Times

It's all about mobility and independence, and the new Horizon electric tricycle — designed by a disabled psychologist — offers both. - Mother Nature Network 

For the past few years, Outrider has been earning praise and breaking records with its pedal-assisted electric trikes, but its latest design is gearing up to be its most rewarding endeavor yet. - Gizmag