Outriders for the Veteran Community


“This is nice. It’s amazing. This is like...freedom again. Freedom.”

- Ramon Guitard, veteran and double-amputee on his Horizon test ride

No one knows the value of freedom better than the valiant men and women who serve our great Nation. They dedicate their lives to uphold the Declaration of Independence creedence, “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” They are our protectors, our heroes, our friends, and our family. We owe them more respect and gratitude than we could ever possibly bestow in one lifetime.

But, we can still try.

Outrider USA designs, builds, and sells road and all-terrain Electric Adventure Vehicles (EAVs). Our EAVs blend the best qualities of a bike, electric motorcycle, and an ATV to create a unique and thrilling experience for the rider. Furthermore, our innovative and modular design has allowed us to create various adaptations such as an electric handcycle and adaptive hand controls, so that people with various ability levels or injuries can equally experience the freedom and adventure of riding an Outrider.

Through recreational therapy programs and community rides, Outrider strives to help restore some of the freedom and enjoyment of life many of our soldiers lost during active duty due to physical, emotional, and/or psychological wounds. According to a study released by the United States Department of Veteran Affairs in 2013, roughly 22 veterans committed suicide each day between 1999 and 2010. Many of these men and women suffered from debilitating PTSD and/or depression. Some studies have stated that as many as 1 in every 5 veterans battles with these afflictions. Unfortunately, the standard treatment of medication and therapy cannot always ameliorate these individuals’ suffering.  We believe that by incorporating physical and recreational therapy into treatment programs, which will get people outside, active, and engaging with friends and family, we can begin to lower some of these troubling statistics.

To accomplish this goal, Outrider USA is launching an initiative called, Get up, Get out, Get on  in which we will get people UP off the couch, OUT doors being active and engaging with their community, and ultimately ON with recovery and back on track to living a joyous and fulfilling life. Both the road-specific Alpha and the all-terrain Horizon can be customized according to each veteran’s ability and allow them to participate in activities such as off-road biking and long distance road cycling which provides opportunities for exercise, camaraderie, and independence.

The Outrider team recognizes that as civilians we can never truly understand everything our brave soldiers and veterans experienced. Thus, we have elicited the expertise of individual veterans and veteran organizations to help guide us in the best ways to serve the community. Our partners include but are not limited to: The Independence Fund, R4 Alliance, Team Red, White & Blue, No Barriers, World T.E.A.M Sports, SD Gunner Fund, Patriot Paws, and More Hearts Than Scars. Please follow the links to learn more specifics on our collaboration efforts with each of these organizations.

Outrider USA is a purpose driven organization.  Aside from building world class EAVs, one of our core values revolves around helping people, whose wings have been clipped, to fly once again.  If our purpose leads to others finding theirs, then we are doing something right.