Coyote with Tri-Pin Controls

Coyote with standard grip controls


Outrider is proud to offer the most capable adaptive hunting vehicles on the market. With unparalleled battery capacity, range, and the lightest 4 wheel drive platform ever produced, the Outrider Coyote is the ultimate solution for adaptive hunters. 


Thanks to ultra-quiet electric hub motors, the Coyote is capable of moving at generous speeds, with minimal disruptive sound. Compared to conventional gas powered ATVs, which can be heard for miles, the Coyote is virtually silent from 30 yards.


Another advantage of electric motors is the amount of torque instantly available. Conventional gas-powered motors lose a significant amount of energy through gears, belts, and pulleys, and take longer to deliver peak power. Our electric motors are mounted directly on the axle; the most simple and efficient power configuration possible. The conserved momentum through this system allows for better traction, steeper climbs,  and greater towing capacity.


All Outrider models are available with standard grip steering, or our proprietary Tri-Pin controls, depending on your level of arm & hand strength. We developed the Tri-Pin control system to allow riders with spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, etc. to be able to operate any of our full suspension machines.

Throttle and braking are administered by leaning backwards and forwards, respectively, on the Tri-Pin mounts themselves. Steering is applied in the same fashion as our standard grip controls; both columns are connected beneath the seat, and are pulled either toward or away from the rider in order to turn right/left. It’s a very intuitive process, and does not require much force to direct.


Thanks to the Coyote’s small format, and low-profile stature, the Coyote can fit into the back of any truck, SUV, or even some hatchbacks/compacts. The entry-level 4WD weighs only 150 LBS, making it the lightest 4WD vehicle ever commercially produced. The Coyote RWD is even lighter, starting at just 130 LBS.

Capable of carrying up to 350 LBS (rider + gear), the Coyote 4WD has plenty of mounting points and cargo bag options to carry the gear that you need: rifles, shooting stands, fluid containers, or even an additional wheelchair.

Whether  you’re  going  after  big  game  or  small,  the  Coyote  4WD  is  the  platform  to  get  you  back  out  there.

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