Electric Bike for Comfort

 Riding Comfortably

It’s not secret that most bikes aren’t very comfortable.  And it’s no surprise why - placing most of your body weight on some of your most sensitive body parts is not exactly what most people would call enjoyable.  That’s part of the reason why Outrider uses a recumbent style cycle.  This takes the pressure off of your groin, and disperses it across your butt and back - you know… the places of your body that are made for that!

Additionally, moving to a reclined, or “recumbent” style cycle gives you a greatly improved field of view while riding.  Instead of staring down at your front tire while you ride, and having to crane your neck upward to look around, the reclined position of an Outrider let’s you get a nice wide view of all the beautiful areas you’re riding in.   

And lastly, there’s the wonderful benefit of a relaxed arm position.  On an Outrider recumbent electric trike your arms are comfortably at your sides, with your hands resting on the handlebars near your waist.  Say goodbye to numb hands, sore wrists, and aching shoulders.  It’s time to get on an Alpha and explore, or take the Horizon and hit the trails!