Recumbent Adult Trikes with Electric Assist

Recumbent Electric Assist - Adult Electric Trikes

For both the Alpha and the Horizon, we use a three wheeled recumbent chassis. To clarify, recumbent is basically another way to say that the rider is in a reclined position.  The benefits on an electric reverse trike are plenty: more comfortable, less stress on your neck, wrists, and shoulders, a better view of your surroundings, more aerodynamic, more stable, more cargo capacity, more range… the list goes on.  Adult electric trikes offer the opportunity to experience the world outside your door like never before.  If you’ve ridden motorcycles, road bikes, or mountain bikes, you’ll probably pick up the skills of riding an Outrider more quickly, but our riders tell us again and again - This is like nothing else you’ve ridden before.

There are two wheels in the front and one in the back, which is the drive-wheel.  While some people might call it an electric 3 wheeled bicycle, technically it’s called a tadpole style recumbent electric trike… which we agree, sounds pretty lame.  So when we’re talking about it, we just keep it simple and call it an Outrider.  If you want an Outrider for the pavement, the Alpha is the best one out there.  If you want an Outrider for off-road trails, the Horizon is the rig for you.

As far as the drivetrain goes, you have two: the pedal, and the electric.  Unlike many recumbent electric assist bikes and trikes, on an Outrider the systems are independent.  That means that they can function without the other, so when you want to pedal - you pedal.  When you want to use the electric assist - you hit the throttle.  And, if you want to pedal and use the electric assist at the same time - just pedal and hit the throttle at the same time.  This gives you full freedom to get the workout, the adrenaline, and the experience you want, every time.