Outrider Performance

Introduction to our Performance Information:

Our intent with our performance section is to reduce grey areas in the high performance pedal-electric industry.  While the automotive industry is full of independent authorities that offer unbiased information about any vehicle manufactured, the electric bike industry is still relatively new and rapidly changing in the USA, and there are few independent sources of unbiased information for consumers.

What is currently all too common is that buyers are making decisions while not knowing what important performance characteristics to look for when searching for the vehicle that best suits their needs.  As a result, they all to often order the lowest cost bike possible, with certain performance expectations in mind and are disappointed when performance doesn't meet their expectations.  This poor experience leads to a negative opinion on pedal-electrics, which they then share with others and it is seen as a reflection on the industry as a whole.

We believe that when a buyer has the truth on the table, they can make an educated decision on the vehicle that best suits their needs, even if it's not one of our vehicles.

As a result, when they receive their vehicle and the performance meets or exceeds their expectations, they will be satisfied with their purchase and their positive experience is a benefit to the entire pedal-electric industry as a whole. We've chosen to only use performance data that can be quantified, we chose not to address performance data that is subjective by nature (range, comfort, etc.)  All of our data has been pulled directly from the manufacturers.  There are other performance characteristics that are worth considering, but that data is not readily available for (stopping distance, handling, aerodynamics, etc.)

Below are the performance characteristics that we've considered: