High Performance Electric Bikes

If you are looking for high performance electric bikes, take a closer look at Outrider electric assist trikes. For adventure trips, racing, or having the best commute to work ever, Outrider trikes offer thrills you won’t experience on any other e-bike on the market. We only build trikes because we are convinced that the tricycle chassis is the best design for a truly high performance machine.

Outrider trikes are some of the most powerful high performance electric bikes on the market. The name of the Outrider 422 Alpha tells you a lot about how powerful it is. The brushless RC motor on this pedal-electric trike produces 4000 watts of energy (5.3 Horsepower) and the battery pack will burn 2200 watt-hours.

Compare High Performance Electric Bikes

We don’t just claim to make some of the best high performance electric bikes on the market. We provide consumers performance comparisons on some key factors to consider as you shop for high performance e-bikes. Our 422 Alpha is a leader among high performance electric bikes in a number of categories including:

Outrider trikes have been tested and retested in real world conditions and we are happy to show you our performance data.

High Performance Electric Bikes For Racing

Outrider trikes proved to be some of the world’s best high performance electric bikes for racing at the 2012 Pike’s Peak Electric Hill Climb. Two Outrider trikes blew past the competition on this grueling 12.42-mile mountain course. Our trikes burned up the pavement despite steep elevation gain, and easily handled all 156 twists and turns. At the finish line we set a new course record of 23 minutes and 32 seconds. Watch the video of the race to see the power and elegance of these high performance electric bikes in action.

Test Drive Outrider’s High Performance Electric Bikes

Driving one of Outrider’s high performance electric bikes is an experience unlike anything you’ve tried before. You can watch lots of online videos of Outriders in action. But until you feel the wind in your hair as you corner around a mountain pass, you won’t really know what the full Outrider experience is like. Buy one online and have it shipped fully assembled direct to your door. Or if you want to try it before you buy it, set up a test drive by calling 828-654-7555  or sending an email to testride@outriderusa.com.

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