FFR Trikes is now Outrider USA

When we first formed in the summer of 2009, the name of the company was set as FFR Electrics, LLC and we did business under the trade name "FFR Trikes."  As we continued to learn and grow as a company, we realized that FFR Trikes didn't capture the spirit that the company now embodied.  After way too many hours brainstorming name ideas that were perfectly well intentioned - but should never, ever see the light of day... ever - we finally landed on Outrider USA!


So, if you happen to be chatting with some hardcore Outrider fans, or if you find yourself deep in the corners of the internet, you might notice a company by the name of FFR Trikes with products that look a whole lot like Outrider products.  Not to worry, you've just stumbled onto some rare Outrider history from our fledgling years.  In February of 2013 we made the full switch to doing business as "Outrider USA", or sometimes just "Outrider."  However, the LLC is still FFR Electrics, LLC so there are select instances where you'll still see that on official documents, etc.


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