Fastest Recumbent Bike

Looking for the Fastest Recumbent Bike?

If you are looking for the fastest recumbent bike for road racing, commuting or long distance adventure trips, take a good hard look at the Outrider 422 Alpha. When it comes to speed, range, and battery recharge time, the 422 Alpha is at the top of the class. Innovative design, state of the art engineering, and high quality construction make Outrider trikes leaders in the e-bike industry.

The 422 Alpha is not only one of the fastest recumbent bikes around, the tricycle chassis style makes it is also one of the most stable and comfortable to drive. At higher speeds, stability becomes all the more important. We build pedal-electric trikes designed to handle well, even in ice and snow. In fair or foul weather, your Outrider will go faster and corner faster than you dreamed possible on a recumbent. And of course, when you go faster you want to go farther. The 422-Alpha, with a range of up to 165 miles, can go farther on a single charge than any other pedal-electric in the industry.

Comparing Recumbent Bikes 

We make it easy for you to compare Outrider trikes to any of the other fastest recumbent bikes and upright pedal-electric bikes. We know that there is a lot of technical data to pour over as you research e-bikes. We’ve done extensive tires on the road research on Outrider performance, crunched the numbers and freely offer comparison data to help you in your search for the fastest recumbent bike.

You can also read some of the reviews our trikes have garnered from e-bike industry websites and press publications.

Want to see our fastest recumbent bike in action? You can watch online videos of Outrider trikes racing along some of the most beautiful scenic roads in America, including Blue Ridge Parkway, Vail Pass, and Pike’s Peak on our website. Or check out the Outrider USA Facebook page to see videos from some of the long distance trips that Outrider owners have taken.

Though a video of the fastest recumbent bike won’t give you the full thrill of speeding down the road, you can get a sense of the power and high speed action that can be achieved on an Outrider trike. Make sure to watch Outrider trikes set the speed record at the 2012 Pike’s Peak Pedal Electric Hill Climb.

Schedule a Test Drive with Outrider USA

It is hard to describe the feeling of speeding down the road on one of the fastest recumbent bikes around. So try one out for yourself! Outrider trikes are hand built with pride in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. Come visit us and take an Outrider e-trike for a test drive. There are plenty of nearby scenic roads and off-road mountain trails where you can fall in love with an Outrider trike. Experience the thrill of driving a trike faster than the fastest recumbent bike you’ve ever ridden. Set up a test drive today by calling 828-654-7555 or sending an email to

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