Fastest Electric Bike

Outrider's Challenge to the Fastest Electric Bike

We understand that speed can be a key part of any adventure, so we set out to offer features that contend with the fastest electric bike you can find. Pick your pace with three modes—750, 2000, or 4000 watts (5.3 horsepower). You choose how much you want to cruise or sweat with the option to use solely pedal power, fully electric power, or a blend of the two. What’s certain is the speed will be smooth, thanks to the Swiss-made Schlumpf High-Speed Planetary Drive crankset controlling the pedal cadences. One heel tap of the button shifter provides the high gearing to pedal at a comfortable cadence, even on one of the fastest electric bikes around.

The Key Feature The Fastest Electric Bike Lacks

We designed Outrider with three wheels to offer more power and stability than the fastest two-wheeled electric bike. Our electric tricycle’s bigger battery pack means you can carry a large amount of cargo in the pannier bags or even tow up to 200lbs. But let’s focus on performance. A recumbent tricycle chassis provides better weight distribution and sleeker aerodynamics than the fastest upright electric bike, for the best power to weight ratio available. In fact, overall, Outrider trikes are some of the fastest cycles in the industry. And our enhanced stability means faster cornering. Check out our electric trikes in action on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

A Better Battery Than The Fastest Electric Bike

Outrider electric tricycles are designed with superior drivetrain efficiency and battery capacity over the fastest electric bike. An Outrider 422 Alpha can achieve up to 165 miles of range depending on conditions. And our battery can go from 0 to 90% recharged in two hours using any 110V outlet. So stop in at a restaurant, fuel yourself (none required for the trike), and resume the fun.

To recap: Our electric trikes rival the fastest electric bike in road speeds and they surpass them in range and recharge times.

Taking on the Fastest Electric Bike

Our founders had their fun at the 2012 Pike’s Peak Pedal Electric Hill Climb, where Outrider trikes bested the fastest electric bike there, taking the top two spots. Our electric trikes commanded 12 miles of road on this true test of speed, traversing 4,700 feet of incline in 23 minutes and 32 seconds, setting a course record. If you want to see for yourself, check out this video.

Record Setting Speed

In addition to the Pikes Peak record, on April 8th, 2014, Outrider secured the title for Fastest Sub-100lbs Vehicle in History and Fastest Sub-100lb Electric Bike.  Outrider USA Co-Founder Tommy Ausherman rode a modified Alpha 422 an incredible 85.9 mph. He did it on a private air strip (Hendersonville Air Strip) just south of Asheville, North Carolina. The modified Alpha 422 weighed only 99 lbs, and had several modifications including steering stabilization, twin-motor, twin controller, and a race seat. It's worthwhile to point out that this should not be attempted at home or by anyone without enormous experience, precisely calculated gear, legitimate safety equipment, and whole lot of courage. And even then, Outrider does not condone or encourage it. 

 If you want to experience the thrills yourself, and compare the performance of Outrider trikes to the fastest electric bike you’ve ever ridden, email us at to arrange a test drive.

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