What riders are saying:

"We've been enjoying the 311!  We use it like a little electric car, as well as for recreation.  Ben probably has more miles on it than I do.  He hooks our old Burley kid trailer onto it and does grocery store trips, hauling as much as 70 lbs. of groceries home with it (yeah, we're nerds, we weighed all the bags ;-)  It doesn't sound too exciting going to the neighborhood grocery store, but to get home, there's 500' vertical to climb, most of it in about 1.5 miles.   Actually, all of our 311 errands require going down and eventually back up that hill.  We've also used it to go to the dentist, farmers' market, Home Depot, and a variety of other trips."

- Jeanette and Ben



"Been riding 50 to 80 or so daily depending. Mostly over 50 for sure. Can't believe I have been on the road for a week and made it thru Ca and tomorrow Or and into Wa., and what a ride it's been!"

 - Lynn