Horizon Handcycle

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If you've been looking for the superlative hybrid-electric handcycle machine, look no further. You just found it.

With full-air suspension, seamless electric Shimano shifters, and a range of up to 200 miles, we can say with confidence that our Horizon Handcycle is the best on the market.

While traditional handcycles require separate controls for power and steering, the Outrider Horizon Handcycle integrates both utilities in a single interface that's easy to use.

Did we mention it can go off-road? With rear-wheel-drive, front and back suspension, and an extra wide, fully-adjustable seat, there aren't many places an Outrider can't go. We believe that all-terrain performance and quality comfort shouldn't be mutually exclusive anymore.

The beauty of electric assist in a lightweight application is the ability to decide your level of resistance. With an Outrider, there's no course too hilly; no bank too steep to climb. Maybe you go that extra mile or so out of your way, and find you've bitten off more than you can chew. There's no need to stop and catch your breath; you can do that on the ride home, coasting on zero-emission electric power.

The Outrider Horizon Handcycle is perfect for a cyclist with limited leg function, high blood pressure, or merely the desire for an upper-body workout outside of the gym.

Test ride your Horizon Handcycle today and see what it can do for you, on your own turf.