The Horizon is an adult adaptive electric trike that’s recumbent, so you can maintain a comfortable and ergonomic riding position.  One of the many options you can choose for customizing your Horizon, is the handcycle.  It’s a shaft-driven handcycle, which offers of host of benefits:

  • Operate turning from the pedals, instead of having to take your hands off the pedals
  • Eliminate accidentally dropping your handcycle chain
  • No chain maintenance on the handcycle

Also, the Horizon uses electronic shifting, so you can change gears on the internally geared hub with the simple push of a button.  Additionally, that internally geared hub means that you can change gears from a stop - so you don’t have to worry about accidentally forgetting to shift down before you get stop and get stuck in a high gear.  With the Horizon, if you forget to shift before you stop, just push the button to index the shifter down, and start pedaling again with plenty of low gear torque.

The Horizon handcycle is designed by Outrider USA to be in it’s element as an off-road handcycle, and as electric handcycle.  It’s design gives you a wide range of gears, and when paired with the brand-new “low/high gear” on the electric drive-system… you better get ready to conquer some trails!