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General Questions

What is an Outrider?

It’s a high-performance three-wheeled cycle, powered by both pedal (hand or foot) and/or electric power. Click here to learn more about the Outrider History

What is is used for?

It’s used for real world transportation, just like your car, bike or motorcycle.

Where can I ride it?

You can ride it on public roads, anywhere you’d drive your car or bicycle, except for restricted access high-speed interstate highways.

Who are these bikes for?


Our vehicles are ridden for a wide variety of different reasons, here are a few:

  • Make travel more of an adventure.
  • Integrate exercise into your lifestyle and make the world your gym.
  • Save lots of money on gas.
  • Experience travel in an engrossing, dynamic, and exciting way.
  • Significantly reduce your energy use and reliance on oil.
  • Get somewhere quickly and get exercise at the same time.
  • Avoid the pain and discomfort of an upright bike.

Most often, our riders are looking for a vehicle that combines the exercise of a bike with the speed, practicality, utility and fun of a car, with the guilt-free pleasure of an electric drive.

Why would I want one?

If you’d like to be able to explore new roads, tear up corners, blast up mountains, and spice up your commute for pennies-worth of electricity, and without a drop of gas, you’ve found the right rig.

If you’d like to be able to travel at the speed of traffic, but get exercise at the same time, you’ve found the right bike.

If you’d like a lightweight electric vehicle that you can put in the back of your truck, van, SUV, or hatchback, boat or plane, you’ve found the most capable sub-100 lb. vehicle available.

Where is it made?

Each Outrider is assembled by hand, for each customer at our shop in Fletcher, NC. Our motors are hand-wound in California. All of our CNC’d drive parts are made about 100 miles from our shop, in Charlotte, NC. We source USA-made componentry whenever possible to support American workers.

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Is an Outrider legal to ride in my area?

All Outriders are shipped at a power setting of 750W and 20 mph, which is legal for road use in all US states. Where laws allow, power can increased to higher levels to allow for faster hill climbing, higher speeds, and faster acceleration. For international customers with stricter laws, we can specifically program your bike to meet your laws at no extra charge.

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How does the bike work?

The electric and pedal powered drive systems can work independently of one other, or they can be used together. This allows for three riding modes: pedal only, electric only, and pedal-electric mode. The rider controls the power being delivered from the electric motor system by the twist grip throttle, which allows for full modulation of power from 0% to 100%.

Does pedaling recharge the battery?

Pedaling does not directly charge the battery, however it does extend the riding range. Instead of using pedal power to drive a generator to charge the battery, we’ve sent the pedal power straight to the ground, as it’s the most efficient way to use human power. As pedal power is increased, range is extended, and speed is increased. This also allows for drag-free pedaling and coasting whenever the electric drive is not in use.

Why did you build an electric recumbent instead of a regular electric bike?

There a multitude of reasons we chose to go with a recumbent trike chassis over a traditional upright. Here are a few:

  • Greatly improved comfort because of full ergonomic seat, allows for longer, more comfortable rides
  • Increased riding range through significantly improved aerodynamics
  • Better handling due to very low center of gravity
  • Increased braking power thanks to dual front disc brakes
  • Safer and more stable on icy, wet, and slippery roads
  • More comfortable and more natural view from the cockpit
  • Higher surface area seat prevents numbness in sensitive areas
  • Better-suited chassis for towing heavy loads, with increased stability and greater braking power
Why not just ride a regular pedal-powered bike?

While pedal-powered bikes are great for local use, or less time-critical trips, a standard bike simply can’t come close to doing what an Outrider can. An Outrider allows you to cover much more distance in a much shorter period of time. Have a 40-mile commute? A 422 Alpha can do that in an hour. Need to tow 200 pounds of lumber up a mountain? You can do it on an Outrider.

Why would I want an electric motor instead of a gas motor?

Electric motors offer more torque, are much smoother, more reliable, and incredibly efficient. By comparison, the average gas engine has an efficiency of about 25%, our motors have an incredible efficiency of 93%. 

There are also significantly fewer moving parts in an electric motor than a gas motor, which means that they’re much less prone to failure. Electric motors are also extremely quiet and clean by comparison. 

Lastly, the wide, flat torque curve of an electric motor allows it to operate without the need for a multi-speed transmission or clutch. This reduces vehicle weight, maintenance, and increases reliability.

Have you ever thought about putting an enclosure on it for protection from the wind and rain, and improved aerodynamics?

Yes, we’re currently beginning to develop snap on enclosures. For a simple, lower cost alternative, we suggest Windwrap fairings. They'll keep you warm in cold weather riding and rain, and also slightly improve aerodynamics.

Can I charge it off of solar or wind power?

Absolutely. A single 200W panel, and a small battery bank and inverter will provide all the necessary power for most riders' daily needs. Contact us for specific advice on system design.

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How do you steer it?

Steering is controlled by vertical tiller handlebars, simply push and pull to turn left and right.

Where do you charge up?

You can charge anywhere there’s a standard 110V outlet. Once you start looking for them, you’ll see that they’re everywhere. Common charging points on long trips are parks, restaurants, gas stations, and campgrounds.

Can I take a trip on an Outrider?

Absolutely! We especially enjoy weekend trips, but you can do anything from a weekender to a cross-country trip, and anything in-between. We’ve found that 120-140 miles a day is our favorite pace.

Could I use it as a car replacement?

Sure. With the added utility of a heavy-duty trailer, like the Surly Bill, it’s possible to tow 300 lbs. With this setup, an Outrider becomes a very feasible all-purpose transportation solution.

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Common Fears

Aren’t you concerned about visibility and safety?

We’ve gone to great lengths to maximize visibility. Our LED-filled flagpole stands 7 feet tall, and its whipping and bright shining LEDs are quite the attention getter in twilight and nighttime riding. All Outriders are also equipped with a very high power LED headlight. Exposure helmet-mounted LED headlamps are a highly recommended accessory. The extremely bright strobe pattern of the Exposure lights serves as an incredible, aimable beacon that can be pointed directly at any potential threat to immediately get the drivers attention.

Isn’t an electric bike cheating?

Absolutely not! Our vehicles are designed to be a practical alternative to a car or motorcycle, not necessarily to serve as a replacement for a road or mountain bike. Furthermore, many riders choose to exert themselves just as they would on a regular bike, but on an Outrider, the added power from the electric drive allows them to travel at a much higher average speed. If it were being used in a road bike race, then it can justifiably be considered as cheating. Otherwise, it’s just another way for folks to get out there and ride, and to that we tip our hats!

What about range anxiety, is this going to leave me stranded when I run out of juice?

There’s no reason to worry. Our vehicles have the longest range and fastest recharge times of any available electric bike. Charging can be done quickly and easily from any readily available, standard 110V outlet. In the rare case that you should fully deplete your battery, the bike can be simply operated as a traditional bicycle, and pedaled indefinitely to the next available charging point.

It’s electric, does that mean I can’t ride it in the rain?

Ride away! All Outriders are fully sealed for all weather riding. 

How do they do on hills?

The incredibly powerful and efficient electric drive system allows Outriders to absolutely fly up hills. Our 422 Alpha currently holds the hill climbing speed record on Pikes Peak, Mt. Evans, and Mt. Mitchell. In 2012, we averaged 32 mph up the 7% average grade on the Pikes Peak hill climb race, climbing from 9000 feet up to 14,000 feet. After the race, the Alpha had enough range left in the pack to run full-speed up the mountain again, which we took full advantage of!

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Why is it so expensive?

We use only the highest quality, state of the art technology that allows us to achieve performance that no other manufacturer has matched. Just as with any product, the latest and greatest comes at a premium. Because we’re on the cutting edge of performance, our parts are made in small batches, and are assembled by hand, with minimal mechanization. Hundreds of hours of welding, wiring, and assembly time go into each and every build.

I Googled electric bike, and found bikes for around $2000, why not just buy one of those?

There are a handful of major compromises that are made in order to build a $2000 electric bike. Here are a few:

  • Much, much smaller batteries (400 watt-hours is the average, our Alpha battery stores over 5 times more energy at 2131 watt-hours). This means significantly less range and power.
  • Less powerful motors. Most of these bikes average at around 500 watts. The peak power capability of our motors is 2800-4200 watts. With the added weight of the electric drive parts, it’s quite possible that a fit road bike rider could pass a run of the mill 500 watt ebike on a hill.
  • Much slower chargers. While the Alpha takes just over two hours to charge, these bikes typically take around 6 hours. This means that once you deplete the pack, you’re pretty much done riding for the day.
  • Much more plastic. Durability and safety is significantly sacrificed as aluminum is traded for cheap, low-quality plastic parts.
  • Quality and Pride in craftsmanship is sacrificed. These discount ebikes are almost exclusively made in high quantities in China.
Is it possible to save money by getting a used Outrider, or a demo?

It’s possible, but fairly rare. Our used and demo trikes get bought up very quickly. Send us an email, and we’ll fill you in on our current stock status.

What is your refund/return policy?

Due to the customized nature of the product, Outrider determines returns and refunds on a case-by-case basis.  Returns and refunds will be considered only if Trike is in mint condition, as received from Outrider USA. Notification of desire to return is made within 14 days of receipt of product.  Requests for refund or return submitted after 14 days of customer receipt of the product will not be granted under any circumstance. Notification is made via email (matt@outriderusa.com), phone (828-654-7555) or in-person contact (66 Fletcher Commercial Drive, Suite E, Fletcher, NC 28732). If return and refund is granted, customer is responsible for 100% of shipping costs,  both delivery and return. Refunds granted will be less a $1,500 restocking fee.


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Test Riding

How do I go about test riding one?

Call or email us to schedule a test ride. We’re conveniently located only 3 miles from the Asheville Airport, in Fletcher, North Carolina. We’re happy to pick you up from the airport, or you can rent a car there if you plan on staying for a while.

Should I make a trip of it?

We highly suggest making a trip of it. We’re nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, minutes from the awesome mountain town of Asheville, where you can find great food, live music, and great beer from local breweries any night of the week. The area is also surrounded by national and state forest, which are filled with beautiful waterfalls, vistas, and the highest peak in the east: Mount Mitchell. Not to mention some fantastic riding! The convenient Blue Ridge Parkway offers quick access to some of the most beautiful areas.

Where should I stay when I come for the test ride?

For a good place to stay at a reasonable price, we suggest the Hampton Inn on Airport Road in Fletcher/Arden. For world-class accommodations, we suggest the Inn on Biltmore Estate or the Grove Park Inn.

What if I can't make it to North Carolina?

If traveling to Fletcher is out of the question, we will do our best to connect you with a local Outrider owner. Check out our Rider Map to find where the nearest Outrider.

What should I bring with me on my test ride?

Be aware of the weather, since we’re in the mountains. It can be cold, windy, and weather can change quickly. Wear appropriate clothing, and close toed shoes. Ladies, skirts are not the best bet! If you have a set of clipless pedals and shoes that you prefer, bring them along and we’ll install them for use on your test ride. If you have your own helmet, feel free to bring it along with some form of eye protection. If you don’t have your own pedals, helmet, or safety glasses, don’t fret; we have plenty of extra equipment.

What should I expect on my test ride?

We’ll start out by getting you fitted to the bike, adjusting for your height. Next we’ll get you comfortable on the bike, starting out just riding under pedal power the low-speed loop in front of our shop.

Once you’re comfortable with the handling of the bike, we’ll turn on the electric drive system. We’ll start out in low power mode, and increase the power to the point you feel most comfortable.

Remember that you can use whatever blend of pedal and electric power you’d like. So you can ride fully under pedal power, fully under electric power, or any blend of the two. It’s all controlled by the twist of your wrist.

Once you’re comfortable using both pedal and electric power, we’ll take you out on our country road loop that exhibits the power, speed, hill climbing, and handling of the bike. We’ll climb up a local mountain pass, and coast down the other side, through the beautiful countryside of Henderson County. Don't worry about not being fit enough for the climb, the Outriders have plenty of power to get you up the mountain. We’re on no time crunch, so we can go at whatever pace you’d like.

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How to get one

How do I get one?

You can order your Outrider directly from our website. We can also process your order over the phone. Upon receiving your order, we’ll immediately start your build, and you can expect your bike to be at your door within 4-8 weeks, fully assembled, and ready to ride.

Do you sell to international customers?

Yes. We sell directly to international customers, just as we do to US customers. Contact us for an exact shipping quote.

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How are they shipped?

They’re shipped fully assembled, adjusted for you, and ready to ride. They’re shipped in a wooden crate for maximum protection. The crate with trike weighs about 300 pounds.  It will arrive in a tractor trailer, and if necessary it will include a lift-gate to get it to the ground from the trailer.  When you are placing your order we'll determine what the best delivery method is for you.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping depends on your location, and the nature of your location ie. residential or business.  All trikes ship from our shop in Fletcher, North Carolina, USA.  Rates vary depending on country as well.  Contact us at sales@outriderusa.com for a shipping quote.

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What’s the warranty?

Our 2-year warranty covers everything excluding negligence and wear items (tires and brake pads). Rest assured that our warranty is the best in the industry. When warranty service is performed at a local bicycle shop within the warranty period, we’ll cover the cost of repairs. If any parts need to be shipped to Outrider for repair, we’ll cover the cost of shipping within the 2-year warranty period.

How do I have it serviced?

The electric drive components are all maintenance-free. The rest of the cycle componentry can be serviced by your local recumbent shop, or skilled bicycle mechanic. In the rare event that a problem with the electric drive system should occur after that time period, it’s easily removed and can be shipped back to our facility for repair.

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