Exercise on an Outrider


It’s a common misconception that you wouldn’t want to use an electric bike for exercise.  Really, that’s not true.  Outrider electric bikes give you as much or as little exercise as you desire.  The way we’re able to do this has to do with how the electric assist is engaged.  There are two ways to do this:

  1. Twist grip throttle (like a motorcycle throttle)
  2. Torque sensing (the harder you pedal, the more assistance you get)

Outrider uses the first way - a twist grip throttle.  This way, if you only want to get great exercise with only a little assistance, you only twist the throttle a little bit.  Because the electric and pedaling drivetrains are independent - you could even do all the pedaling and not use ANY electric assist at all.  Alternatively, you could use more throttle and pedal less.  Or, you could use all electric assist and no pedaling.  The choice of how much exercise, and how much electric assist you get is up to you.

In contrast, a torque sensing system essentially robs you of the that freedom to decide how much a workout you want.  If you start pedaling harder because you want a better workout, the motor will kick in and assist you more.  Having tested both systems, we’ve found that our riders prefer a riding experience where they are in full control of how much assistance and exercise they get, so we stick to the twist grip throttle.

Aside from that, would you rather exercise hunched over with your neck craned up to see the road in front of you, or from a comfortable reclined position with a full field of vision to enjoy the scenery?  Outrider electric bikes give you exercise without the aches, pains and monotony of an upright bike.