Electric Trikes

The High Performance Electric Trike by Outrider

Outrider is a proven industry leader among electric trike makers. We have engineered and built a high performance trike that delivers fun cycling and the utility of an electric vehicle. As you ride, you can shift between three modes: pedal power only, pedal power with electric assistance, or entirely driven by the 3-phase brushless DC motor. Many of our customers use their Outrider electric trike as a fun and economical alternative to commuting by car or motorcycle.

For commuting, adventure cycling, or racing, our electric trike is the vehicle you have been dreaming of. Outrider blazed past the competition in the 2012 Pike’s Peak Pedal Electric Hill Climb, taking both first and second place. Our trikes zipped around 156 heart-pounding turns on this 12.42-mile course, and climbed 4,700 feet while setting a new course record of 23:32 seconds.

The Electric Trike With the Longest Range

Our electric trike offers the longest range of any in the industry. The Outrider 422 Alpha can achieve 165 miles of range on a single charge. We’ll gladly give you the stats and research to back that up. When comparing products, remember that terrain, temperature, weight, battery capacity, pedal input, and speed greatly impact ranges during testing. Our range data came from tests done at twenty miles per hour with a 185 lbs. rider who pedaled at moderate rate and maintained a speed of 20 mph.

If you do completely deplete your battery, our electric trike can be back on the road faster than any other. Outrider offers the fastest recharge time in the industry. Simply plug your Outrider into any standard 110V outlet and you’ll go from 0 to 100% charge in three hours.

An American Made Electric Trike

We are proud to say that each high quality electric trike is hand assembled right here in America. We hand assemble each Outrider right here at our shop in Fletcher, North Carolina. Our dedication to high quality craftsmanship will be apparent from the moment you uncrate your fully assembled Outrider electric trike right on your doorstep.

Why Choose an Electric Trike Over an Electric Bike?

There are many great reasons to opt for a recumbent electric trike chassis instead of an upright electric bike but here are some of our favorites: Comfort. Your neck, back and those tender parts that normally get strained or bruised on an upright electric bike will thank you.

Don’t take our word for it though. Test our electric trike against any upright electric bike on the market and compare power, range, balance, comfort, and fun. Simply send a test ride request to our email address testride@outriderusa.com. Make sure to include your name, phone number, and zip code.

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