Electric Tricycle

The Outrider Electric Tricycle

Our electric tricycle comes to your door fully assembled in a custom-built crate so you can roll it out and hit the road. Steering is intuitive with vertical handlebars that you push or pull to turn. You’re free to simply pedal until you’re ready for more speed, as the motor doesn’t engage until the tricycle reaches 5 MPH, at which point you start easy in 750-watt mode through the twist-grip throttle. When you want to stop, dual front disc brakes give you increased braking control compared to an electric bike.

You can take a long distance adventure on an Outrider trike. Our electric tricycle can go up to 165 miles on a single charge, the longest trip range on the market. When you do need to recharge, Outrider tricycle batteries have an industry-leading recharge time. You can get a 100% charge at any standard 110V outlet, which are readily available at common locations such as restaurants, gas stations, and parks or campgrounds.

Electric Tricycle Safety

We designed our electric tricycle because we wanted a bike that could safely keep pace with vehicle traffic when necessary, so we’ve had safety in mind throughout development. The three-wheel design offers more stability than an upright bicycle chassis, allowing you to calmly conquer any winding road you wish to explore. All Outrider electric tricycle parts are fully sealed to protect them from moisture so you can ride in any weather. Since we know visibility is essential, each electric tricycle comes equipped with a 7-foot-tall LED Filled Flagpole to ensure everyone else on the road knows where you are. Plus the lights look pretty cool in the dark.

Our Electric Tricycle Warranty Each Outrider electric tricycle is assembled with quality craftsmanship right here at our shop in North Carolina. The electric drive components are all maintenance-free and any bike mechanic can service the rest of the tricycle. Outriders come with a two-year, industry-best warranty. If any parts require repair at our shop within the duration of the warranty, we’ll cover shipping costs. We want the repair experience to be as easy as the ride. Arrange a test ride of an Outrider electric tricycle by emailing your name, phone number, and zip code to testride@outriderusa.com

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