Electric Bike Efficiency



Efficiency matters because it has a direct correlation with the range of any vehicle.  More efficiency means it's more cost effective to operate, easier on the environment, and easier to pedal!


Efficiency is a function of its weight, rolling resistance, aerodynamics, and motor efficiency.  Let's take a look at our Alpha as a case study for efficiency.  The Alpha trades weight for increased battery capacity, so while there are lighter electric bikes, their are none with a battery that has as much energy as the Alphas.  The Alpha also trades a bit of rolling resistance for the increased braking power and stability that comes with three wheels instead of two.  Because of its recumbent chassis, the Alpha is one of the most aerodynamic electric bikes available.  Lastly, the Alpha's motor is 93% efficient, making it the most efficient electric motor available in an electric bike.   


Choosing the optimal bike for your needs

Engineers optimize the efficiency of the bike for its intended use.  This is an important fact to note.  


While our Outrider Alpha is extremely efficient at speeds over 15 mph, there are better bikes to choose if you plan on spending all your time in dense stop and go traffic under 15 mph.  Our motor is optimized for higher RPMs, so if there are a lot of country roads and long trips in your future, the Alpha is a great choice.  It's very aerodynamic, and the motor is optimized for higher speed use.  


However, if you plan to spend a lot of time in downtown traffic, there are other bikes that are better optimized for that environment.  


Bottom line:  More efficiency means more miles.  


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