Electric Bicycle

Electric Bicycle

An Electric Bicycle vs. The Outrider Electric Trike

Environmentally conscious commuters, are you shopping for an electric bicycle? Before you make any decision, compare the Outrider electric trike against any electric bicycle you find. We think you’ll be impressed and inspired by the possibilities. An Outrider is a three-wheeled cycle that you can power by pedaling, electric power, or a combination of the two. We call Outriders ultralight adventure vehicles because they are both wicked fun and utilitarian enough to replace a car.

If you are searching for healthier mode of transportation that does not rely on petroleum, do yourself a favor and compare all the options. If you think you've decided you want an electric bicycle, check out our electric trikes awesome for adventure riding, commuting, exercise and racing.

Electric Bicycle vs. Outrider: Comfort

No matter how well designed it is, the upright design of an electric bicycle can cause long term problems such as saddle sores, numbness, neck pain and back aches. The Outrider was built to be comfortable for the long haul. Outrider’s bucket seat was ergonomically designed to protect sensitive areas, distribute weight evenly, and to reduce stress on your body. Long distance trips are much more fun and comfortable on an Outrider than they would be on an upright electric bicycle.

Electric Bicycle vs. Outrider: Stability

Three wheels offer superior stability over two, no matter what the road conditions are. You can drive your Outrider over gravel, sand, ice, snow and other hazards without fear. Plus, the recumbent design makes an Outrider more aerodynamic than any upright electric bicycle you’ll find. An Outrider will allow you to keep up with the flow of traffic, take corners faster, and feel secure while you are doing it.. Plus you get a more natural view from the cockpit to enjoy the sights without straining your neck and shoulders.

Electric Bicycle vs. Outrider: Performance

Few electric bicycles can deliver practical speed for daily use. The Outrider electric tricycle can deliver speed and then some, even on some of the steepest, windiest roads in America. We proved that when Outrider trikes set a new course record at the 2012 Pikes Peak Electric Bike Hill Climb. Along with speed, our trikes offer the longest range in the industry. The typical electric bicycle will be lucky to reach 50 miles on a single charge. Outrider can make it up to 165 miles on a single charge!

Our mission is to build the best performing electric trike possible. Of course it is easy to say you build the fastest electric bicycle or electric tricycle, but we go a step further than almost any other company to explain and backup every claim we make with data from real world testing.

The best way to compare the experience of riding an electric bicycle with the thrills of an Outrider is to take a test drive. Call us at 828-654-7555  or email us at testride@outriderusa.com to arrange the most fun test drive you’ll ever take.

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