Electric Assist Bike

Electric Assist Bike vs. Electric Assist Trike

Want to make commuting fun? Get more exercise? Spend less on transportation? Reduce your impact on the environment? There are many great reasons to get an electric assist bike. As you consider all the options, compare any upright electric assist bike to Outrider electric assist trikes.

We designed the Outrider because we wanted an electric assist bike that was fun, powerful, safe, reliable, and could keep up with the flow of traffic. Through research and testing we became convinced that the recumbent tricycle design offered many advantages over uprights for commuters and adventure cyclists alike. Here are some comparisons to consider between Outrider trikes and many of the electric assist bikes on the market.

Comfort and Stability

When deciding between an upright electric assist bike and the recumbent Outrider trike, consider aerodynamics and personal comfort. Diamond frame or road bike frame styles are notorious for causing physical discomfort, particularly after long rides. The Outrider’s reclined seat has more surface area. You sit in a more natural position that does not restrict blood flow to crucial areas the way upright bike saddles can. Stability is another top reason to choose an electric assist trike over an electric assist bike. A trike’s low center of gravity and improved weight distribution mean better handling and improved aerodynamic efficiency.


Compare the range of any electric assist bike against the Outrider electric assist trike and you’ll find that Outrider is an industry leader. At an average speed of 20 mph, the Outrider 422 Alpha can go up to 165 miles with pedaling and 111 miles just on battery power. With that kind of range capability, the Outrider electric trike can replace a car for commutes to work, for running errands, or even going on long distance trips.

Outriders have gone on some incredible long-range trips. Check out our Facebook page to see video testimonials from Outrider owners who have taken their trikes on cross country adventures. You can do long distance trips on other electric assist bikes, but the increased range and faster charging time of the Outrider makes those trips easier to plan and execute. Any 110V outlet will recharge your battery in just 2 hours.


Outrider trikes are more powerful than most of the electric assist bikes on the market. But as you compare the two, make sure to consider the power to weight ratio. Our trikes were engineered to balance power and weight. The brushless RC motor on the Outrider 422 Alpha pedal-electric trike produces an astonishing 4200 watts of power at the highest power setting.

As for pedal power, the Outrider Trike comes with gear that will make you the envy of many an electric assist bike owner. With your hand controls, you’ve got 18 speed pedal drive with a rear 9 speed derailleur and overdrive. With a click of your heel you control a Schlumpf High-Speed Planetary Drive internally geared crankset. Set up a test drive and experience the power of Outrider for yourself. Call us at 828-654-7555 or email us at testride@outriderusa.com.


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