Ebike or Outrider? The Electric Trike Showdown

If you’re considering buying an ebike, you might be intrigued to know that our electric trike shares many of the same appealing characteristics while offering much more in certain categories. An Outrider shares the ebike strengths of efficiency, fun, and exercise. But the Outrider bests any ebike in terms of range. A single battery charge can last up to 165 miles yet uses only 25 cents of electricity. You can commute or cruise to a destination 40 miles away in under an hour, and our top speed is one of the best in the industry. An ebike will cover the basics, but an Outrider electric trike offers so much more. Don’t just take it from us. FindTheBest.com gave Outrider a score of 100/100 which is higher than any other electric bike in the world. 

Outrider Features You Won’t Find in An Ebike

One Test Ride To Forget The Ebike

If you’re interested in the idea of an ebike, you’ll probably like to try things out and experience innovation firsthand. We give test rides so you can come see for yourself. Our guys have any and all equipment you’ll need, though you’re welcome to bring your own favorite shoes or helmet. The location allows for an exhilarating trek through country roads and over mountain passes so you can get a full experience of the Outrider electric trike. Schedule a ride by emailing testride@outriderusa.com. We think you’ll see why we call an Outrider trike an ultralight adventure vehicle instead of an ebike.

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