Design and Engineering Services

Engineering Services 

(Mechanical, Electrical, and Mechatronic)

At Outrider, one of our favorite things is the joy of seeing an idea through from initial concept to a successful product.  With our years of experience in stewarding dozens of innovative mechanical and electrical engineering projects, we’ve come to recognize that this is a gift that we love to share with others.

We understand the heart of the entrepreneur who has a great, and purposeful idea, but may not have the tools and knowhow needed to see the idea from concept to reality.  Because this is where we began, we decided to establish the Fletcher Design Collective to assist these needs. The Design Collective two primary goals:

  1. Deliver world-class design and engineering services at a price point that is below that of a traditional engineering firm (thanks to our other manufacturing revenue streams and the help our apprentices that can assist with the simpler elements of the project).   
  2. Use these opportunities to holistically invest in the next generation of young engineers through our mentorship programs.                                             

If you are interested in bringing your concept to life, please fill out the contact form below, and we’ll contact you to discover whether your project is a good match for our team’s strengths.  We genuinely appreciate your request.