Adaptive Equipment


Ultimately, the Horizon is a piece of adaptive cycling equipment.  And by that, we mean that it’s a tool that adapts to how you want to use it.  You can think about an “adaptive bicycle” as a “modular bicycle”.  When you’re customizing your Horizon, you have the choice of which components you want, and which ones you don’t.  Check out your adaptive cycling options here

Let’s be clear that Outrider’s are not solely bikes for disabled riders.  They’re universally designed to be the most capable tool to move one person while keeping them safe, healthy, and exhilarated.  If you’re looking for an electric recumbent trike, then an Outrider is best tool for the job.  It doesn’t matter if you’re an able bodied pro-athlete, or if you have a spinal cord injury that limits some of your function or strength.  The Horizon  gives you the opportunity to get out and ride. Period.  Check out Horizon co-developer and quadriplegic adventurer Chris Wenner talking about turning his dream into a reality here  and give us a call at 828-654-7555 to take your own “ride of a lifetime” from a dream to a reality.  


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