2015 Outrider Alpha 422L Streamline

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This awesome Alpha is the second to last machine that we built in this generation of Alphas.  It is fast, light, compact, and long range.  There isn't a more capable machine out there in this class. 

The Alpha is great for commuting, touring, and recreational riding.  The visceral and smile-inducing Alpha is like nothing else.  After thousands of miles, we still can't help but smile when we're behind the controls of an Alpha.   It has a brand-new 2020 lithium battery pack that exceeds the specifications of the original pack.  This machine has been fully rebuilt and runs beautifully.  


General Details:

  • Build date: February 2015
  • Mileage: 707 miles 
  • Color: Midnight Black and Silver
  • Lighting: 900 Lumen LED headlight 
  • Rear rack: yes 
  • Front and rear tires: 20 x 1.95 Maxxis Hookworm 110 psi
  • Drivetrain: Rohloff internally geared hub with grip shift and Schlumpf HSD 
  • Suspension: none
  • Charger: External 1100 watt (110V outlet)
  • Primary riding terrain: on road 
  • Brand new upgraded LG lithium battery packs with automatic cell management

Additional Features:

  • Rohloff 14 speed internally-geared speed hub
  • Industry 9 wheels (turquoise hub, black aluminum straight-pull spokes) 

Tech Specs:

  • Motor: 4000 watt American-made brushless
  • Battery: 2200 watt-hour LG lithium
  • Range: 40-100 miles per charge (depending on terrain and riding style)
  • Charge time: under 2 hours for full charge
  • Top speed: 40 mph (where permitted) 

This Outrider will be serviced and issued a one-year limited warranty on all non-wear components prior to shipping. The customer is responsible for shipping costs, which will vary depending on the final destination. International shipments are available.