Coyote (Extreme Off-Road) | All Electric (A)

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The Coyote quad is the latest and greatest from Outrider. With this machine, we went into development with the goal of packing the highest possible degree of off-road capability into the lightest and most compact package possible.

The result was an incredibly powerful, long-range electric 4WD that you can fit in the back of a mid-size SUV.   So you can explore, hunt, fish, and traverse challenging terrain with a vehicle that's easy for you to transport.

The Coyote is built for physically disabled and able-bodied riders alike.  For disabled riders, it functions as an extremely capable all terrain wheelchair.  

The Coyote features plush, long-travel front & rear air-shock suspension. Customers can choose between our industry-leading American-made 3000 watt mid-drive system for sport applications or heavier riders, or the exceptionally quiet 5000-watt hub motor 4WD system, ideal for hunters and mobility applications where an off road wheelchair is required.

The Coyote comes standard with a single powerful 1512 watt-hour lithium-ion battery with a range of 20-35 miles per charge, and the option of adding up to 3 more modular battery packs for an incredible 80-140 miles of off-road range with our largest 6000+ watt-hour battery pack. So you can get out there and ride all day without worrying about finding a plug.

We build each machine to order, from scratch, in Fletcher, North Carolina, and ship directly to customers all over the world.


  • Quiet, low profile, and scent-free machine makes it ideal for hunting, and its compact size makes it much easier to transport than an ATV or side by side, so you can skip the trailer 
  • Solar-charging capability and massive battery range makes it a great overlanding rig
  • Create your own adventure exploring millions of backcountry and primitive roads
  • Closed-loop capable with solar so it’s an excellent choice for off-grid use
  • Ride during the day and power your camp at night with larger capacity battery options
  • Go just about anywhere someone can walk on foot
  • Great for adaptive riders looking for a super-capable and reliable machine to get back in the woods again.  An exceptional 4x4 wheelchair alternative for riders wanting to get back on the trails again, and optional adaptive controls.


  • All major frame components have been designed by Outrider USA and are manufactured in the United States.
  • The Coyote is built upon a proprietary high-strength aluminum monocoque chassis allowing for greater modularity, reduced weight and superior quality. 


RWD Live (solid) Axle - Our lightest drive system, ideal for sport use

  • Mid-drive utilizes proven Outrider carbon belt-driven electric drivetrain technology, paired with state of the art planetary gearbox for improved performance, durability and capability. 
  • A premium American made motor that is mated to a premium German gearbox.  This combo makes for the ultimate in performance.
  • Up to 3000 watts max motor output with RWD 
  • Optional pedals
  • Top speed of 17 mph
  • The RWD live axle is a great configuration for heavier riders up to 400 lbs

2WD or 4WD with Independent Suspension - Our most capable and quiet off-road drive system

  • Highly efficient in-wheel motors bypass the necessity of a belt drive entirely. Instant torque, straight to the wheels.
  • In-wheel motors also make for an extremely reliable redundant drive system
  • Low-noise motors are virtually silent, a great fit for sound-sensitive applications
  • 5000 watts max motor output with 4WD (requires 3024 watt-hour or larger battery pack for 5000 watt output, max output of 3000 watts with smallest battery option)
  • Top speed of 22 mph



  • Independent and adjustable front and rear air-shock suspension, for a superior ride
  • Indirect steering allowing for smooth yet responsive control at speed
  • Handle rough terrain with ease and comfort


  • Incredible range: Build with 1 to 4 lithium-ion battery packs, for up to an astounding 140 miles of range per charge.
  • Utilizes state of the art Tesla-style 21700 lithium cells for premium performance
  • Easily upgradable - more modular battery packs can be added later (up to 4 in total) or batteries can be upgraded as battery performance continues to evolve. 
  • On-board charging with our standard built-in high speed 1000W charger (~1 mile range per 2 minutes of charging), for maximum durability.  Alternative plugs available upon request for international orders.  
  •  Streamlined Battery Management System (BMS) for automated battery maintenance and protection.


  • Outrider's ergonomically-optimized seat offers the perfect balance between comfort, performance, and ventilation.
  • Removable hydrophobic seat cushion to keep your backside dry.
  • Optional ultra-bright 900 Lumen LED headlight for clear sight when riding at night or excellent visibility during daytime riding.
  • Optional illuminated LED visibility whip for additional visibility at night and great daytime visibility.


2WD Live Axle: 3000 Watts

2/4WD Independent Suspension: 2500 / 5000 Watts


2WD Live Axle: 78" x 33" x 33-36" height depending on seat position

2/4WD Independent Suspension: 71" x 33" x 33-36" height depending on seat position






Standard Wheels: Steel J-Bend spokes with aluminum hubs and double wall aluminum rims

Front: IRC VX-10 (20” outer diameter, 2.5” wide)

Rear: IRC VX-10 (20” outer diameter, 2.5” wide)


Independent A-Arm Front Suspension Geometry (~3" wheel travel)

200x57 air shocks with adjustable rebound


200x57 air shocks with adjustable rebound

2WD Live Axle: Solid Rear Axle with Single-Pivot Geometry

2/4WD Independent Suspension: Independent Trailing Arm Geometry for smoother ride, improved traction, reduced steering force, and shorter overall vehicle length


17 mph

 *The Coyote is primarily intended for off-road use.  It is the express and sole responsibility of the rider to know and respect the laws and regulations in any location in which they ride.


Mid-Drive system: Brushless Permanent Magnet Mid-Drive motor.  93% efficient

Hub Motor system: Brushless Permanent Magnet, in-wheel, 88% efficient


Max Rider plus gear = 400 LBS on live axle Coyote

Max Rider plus gear = 300 LBS on independent trailing arm Coyote

Towing capacity = 300 LBS on live axle Coyote

Towing capacity = 180 LBS on independent trailing arm Coyote

Curb weight = 150 - 250 LBS (depending on options)


Battery Chemistry: Lithium-Ion, 21700 cells with automatic BMS

Battery Capacity: 1512 watt hours to 6048 watt hours (1 to 4 packs)


Dual Magura Hydraulic 180 mm Front Disc Brakes


Aluminum Monocoque Chassis with Chromoly Front and Rear End


Onboard high-speed 1000 Watt 110V Charger standard, 2500 Watt 220V Charger available upon request, cuts charge times in half.  2500 Watt optional charger operates at 1500 watts on 110V power.


*It is the full and exclusive responsibility of the customer to determine the legality of riding at a location, and to abide by the laws of any location in which they are riding.  Prior to shipping, the power setting can be programmed according to the laws in your country, state, or province.  It is the full and exclusive responsibility of the customer to determine the legality of riding at a location, and to abide by the laws of any location in which they are riding. All power settings should only be used in a safe and legally abiding manner.  Legislation varies by country and state, be sure to know your local laws.

We stand behind what we build.  Every Outrider is assembled by hand in Fletcher, NC by our highly skilled assembly team.  Before we bring a product to the market we prototype it extensively, and then take those prototypes and torture test them in the most grueling and brutal scenarios possible to make sure they're going to stand up to serious use.  And when we say warranty, we mean it - in the unlikely scenario you do need to warranty a part all you need to do is call us at 828-654-7555 where you'll speak with one of our team members at the shop.  We'll pinpoint the issue, request proof of issue, and then do whatever needs to happen to fix that part and get you back out there riding.  

2 Year Limited Warranty - Includes All Non-Wear Items 

Example: Tires, tubes, brake pads and similar wear items are not covered under the warranty

Example: Batteries, motor, frame and similar non-wear items are covered under the warranty

DISCLAIMER:  ALL OUTRIDER USA VEHICLES AND FRAMESETS SHOULD BE PERIODICALLY CHECKED for indicators of stress and/or potential failure, including cracks, deformation, corrosion, paint peeling, dents, and any other indicators of potential problems, inappropriate use, or abuse. These are important safety checks and very important to help prevent accidents, bodily injury to the rider, and shortened useful product life cycle of an Outrider USA vehicle or frameset. Failure to follow this warning may result in catastrophic failure of the component or vehicle, which may lead to serious personal injury or death. 

All other remedies, obligations, liabilities, rights, warranties, express or implied, arising from law or otherwise, including but not limited to, any claimed implied warranty of merchantability, any claimed implied warranty arising from course of performance, course of dealing or usage of trade, and any claimed implied warranty of fitness, are disclaimed by Outrider USA and waived by the original owner. If any provision is found unenforceable, only that provision shall be stricken and all others shall apply.

Not every component is designed for every conceivable use.  Broken parts resulting from riding performed on surfaces or locations not intended for the particular model can shorten the useful product life cycle of the trike and invalidate warranty of certain parts.  Broken parts resulting from performing jumps, tricks, riding down stairs, aggressive riding, riding in severe climate, riding with excessively heavy loads, commercial riding and all other types of nonstandard use will also shorten the useful product life cycle and invalidate warranty of certain parts.

This warranty is void if the trike is subjected to abuse, neglect, improper repair, improper maintenance, alteration, an accident, or other abnormal excessive or improper use.  Additionally, this warranty applies only to the original owner of the vehicle and is not transferable to subsequent owners.

Every Outrider ships fully assembled in a custom crate.  Within the USA, transit time is usually 5 business days or less.  Please be aware that this is shipping time, not including build time.  We customize each build per the customer's request, so this shipping time is in addition to current build times.  Most often, your Outrider will be shipped LTL "Less Than Truckload", which means it will arrive on an 18 wheeler.  If your delivery location is inaccessible by an 18 wheeler it is your responsibility to notify us prior to shipment so that we can make alternate delivery arrangements.  Scissors and/or wire cutters are recommended to disassemble the crate, and remove your Outrider from the crate. 


Call (828) 654-7555 or email for more details.