Outrider's Newest Line of Adaptive 4WD/RWD Electric Off Road Vehicles

Whether you're browsing our website, viewing our latest video, or scrolling our social media, it doesn't take long to realize the mission here at Outrider USA is building vehicles to get people back outside. Whether you're working with limited mobility, you feel like you've aged out of riding a traditional bicycle, or you just want some extra wheel power for your favorite trails, it's our mission to take you where you want to go.   

Since 2014 we’ve been building trikes for quadriplegic and paraplegic riders, ultimately on a mission to develop a vehicle that will truly allow riders with minimal degrees of personal mobility to go as far into the adventure of their dreams or the wilderness of their choice as they want to go. While we have dedicated countless man-hours to the R&D of excellent and reliable control systems for limited mobility (Tri-Pins and Hand Cycles), it eventually became evident that our traditional, road legal 3-wheeled Outrider platform isn’t the right fit for backcountry adventure. This understanding compelled us to take our tried-and-true, incredibly reliable modular base platform and build a brand new line of 4-wheeled vehicles that will go the distance into whatever adventure you can dream up next.

Dubbed the Outrider Coyote, this brand new 4-wheeled platform is hands down our most capable off-road vehicle yet. We have successfully packed the maximum amount of off-road potential into the smallest package possible.  Imagine easily loading up an off-road, electric, and adaptable if needed, ATV into the back of your vehicle and heading out, well, to wherever you choose.

The Coyote is made to fit in the back of your vehicle and access terrain typically only possible with a traditional gas ATV.  Considering the optional add-on adaptive control system and maybe you can start to see what this machine can offer to someone usually limited to only wheelchair friendly terrain.  

While the new Coyote line will officially release in the spring of 2022, we just can’t wait to drop some of the seriously exciting tech deets on these new vehicles, starting of course with our mission forward, adaptive Coyote Tri-Pin 4WD and RWD models. Lets dig into what makes the Coyote TriPin a real freedom machine!

What differentiates the Coyote TriPin models from the non-adaptive Coyote models is the control system. For riders with limited mobility, instead of standard handlebars, throttle, and brakes, modifications are needed to allow for almost case-by-case variations in rider mobility. Virtually each and every quadriplegic or paraplegic rider has a different degree of hand and arm mobility, not to mention core and leg mobility. While some riders have mobility on only one side of their body, others may be working with limited mobility on both sides. The beauty of the Outrider TriPin control system lies in it's extreme customizability.  The TriPin Controls (seen in the pic below) allow riders to steer, brake, and throttle in basically whichever configuration works best for them, giving them maximum control and safety while riding and while transferring in and out of the vehicle.   

There are seemingly endless configurations and detailed adjustments available with the TriPin controls. Just a few that help provide the most comfortable and safe riding experience for limited mobility riders are the height of the controls, the amount and direction of arm tilt, hand size adjustments and wrist width adjustments. 

If you are interested in more detailed and visual information on these and many other adjustments available for adaptive steering, braking and throttle control, check out our recent Coyote TriPin deep dive tech video for all the specifics. 

In addition to the customizability of the TriPin controls, safety straps are provided for wrists, legs, and chest as well as a lap belt that really provides an extra layer of security and control for riders. While transferring in and out of the Coyote, strapping your wrist in to apply the brake makes the transfer extra smooth, while strapping the shins and calves gives extra stability while riding on uneven terrain. The BodyPoint lap belt and chest strap add great core support. Each machine also comes standard with a removable reinforced foot support that offers multiple adjustable positions and an option to include foot straps for additional security. And to really ensure long distance comfort, the Coyote TriPin offers the option of adding a Roho air bladder cushion to the standard seat to minimize the likelihood of pressure sores or any other skin discomfort from a long ride.     

Of course, anyone operating with limited mobility won’t power on the machine until they are completely strapped in and able to effectively brake, steer, and throttle.  This creates a slight challenge as it would be almost impossible to turn a key switch on the side of the machine with your arms strapped into the TriPin controls.  Enter the TriPin head switches (seen in pic below), a modified version of the key switch located on articulating arms to allow for perfect positioning and located on either side of the riders head. On one side, the button serves as the Coyote on/off switch, while the button on the other side selects the forward or reverse gear. As we recommend all riders to wear helmets, the buttons are easily accessed with a slight head tap toward either side.  These buttons ingeniously bring hands free control to changing gears and powering the Coyote on and off. 

Alrighty! Now that you’re strapped in, powered up, and ready to roll, let's explore what’s under the proverbial hood of these 4-wheeled Outriders!

The Coyote TriPin has the option of either independent RWD suspension featuring 2 hub motors in the rear wheels or independent 4WD suspension with individual hub motors in all 4 wheels. If you’re thinking to yourself, wow, that’s a lot of power heading directly to the wheels, well, you’re exactly right! These highly efficient in-wheel motors bypass the necessity of a belt drive entirely, serving up instant torque, straight to the wheels.  Are the endless possibilities of long-range backwoods adventures straight from the back of your vehicle starting to dawn on you yet?  Add some solar panels and let’s just go ahead and remove the word “limited” from our vocabulary altogether. But let’s not get distracted.  We haven’t yet released detailed tech information on our new hub motor drive system, but stay tuned, it’s coming soon!

Moving on from the motors, you’re probably wondering what kind of range you can expect- a key consideration when taking an electric off-road vehicle into the wilderness. With our starting configuration of a single battery pack, you’re looking at about 25 miles of range, while the largest battery configuration will offer you an excess of 100 miles range.   

To read more about our brand new 4WD and RWD hub motor powertrain options, battery configurations, or to spec out a potential build, visit our Coyote product page here.  

One of the biggest concerns we hear with adaptive riding is whether the braking will be responsive enough for riders using TriPin controls. There are several features on the Coyote TriPin that address these concerns. By increasing the size of the disc brakes to 8 inches (from the standard 7in. version), less force is required to get the same amount of braking torque. In addition, regenerative braking reduces the amount of force required to apply the brakes, as well as  adds power back into the batteries each time they are employed. 

Another feature that eases safety concerns for limited mobility riders are the inclusion of three different power modes that either limit or increase the Coyote's speed and power. Each of the three modes is individually programmable (because customizability is our superpower), so in any of the three power modes you can increase or decrease the speed or power setting.  This is especially useful as riders get acquainted with their new freedom machines.  

If this information on our newest line of 4-wheeled electric off-road vehicles, the Outrider Coyote, has whetted your appetite for more, check out the deep dive into more of the tech on these machines in our Coyote TriPin Bench Video. With the exception of the new hub motor system, which we'll talk about in more detail soon, the custom build in highlighted in the video has great details on all the tech you can expect to find on the new, 4-wheeled Coyote TriPin!  

If you have any questions about these new beauties, we’d love to hear from you! Just shoot us an email at outriderusa@gmail.com.  And satay tuned, there's MUCH more in store!   


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