The Coyote RWD Dominates in the Snow

With average annual snowfall in the western North Carolina mountains well under 11”, snowy terrain hasn’t always made the top of the list when it comes to designing and developing Outriders.  Even for the design of the newest Outrider Coyote 4WD model, the design team stayed mostly focused on the outdoor adventure applications found in the sunnier months of the year.

However, as soon as a 12” snow popped up in the local forecast, curiosity began to form around the Coyote’s performance on snowy terrain.  Jacob Lothers, Outrider’s Media Specialist, quickly decided it was time to get snowed in at Outrider headquarters for the weekend with the Coyote as a companion.  The only catch was that instead of having the Coyote 4WD available for snowy excursions, the only machine available was the Coyote RWD. This didn’t deter Jacob from setting out as soon as the freshly fallen foot of snow had settled. 

“As soon as I pulled out of the garage into the unplowed parking lot, it was immediately clear that I wasn’t confined to a particular terrain, even with only rear wheel drive. In a foot of snow, the Coyote was an instant freedom machine.  Unplowed driveways and parking lots, yards, fields, minimally plowed roads, the Coyote went wherever I wanted without a question of its capability.” Jacob remembers.  “Over the course of the weekend, I found myself in two sticky situations where I needed to get un-stuck, and it was basically a non-issue. No tow trucks, no wrecks, I just got up and pulled the Coyote out, easy as pie. No extra help needed.” 

The Coyote’s extremely efficient hub motor system was definitely the shining star over the course of the weekend.  “It was actually kind of magical, it felt almost like riding on air. On road, the hub motors provided just the right amount of wheel spin and traction so I never worried about losing control or getting stuck. Off-road I could completely let loose for full on adventure riding and drifting, also without concern over losing control."

The convenience of charging the Coyote while visiting snowed in friends removed the worry of finding fuel or navigating gas stations or shortages during a storm.  

“It’s great to get snowed in for a few days, but it was even greater to be able to get out and see the beautiful snowy mountains and city without worrying about getting stuck and/or damaging my vehicle. The Coyote was an absolute game changer for snowy weather,” Jacob recalls. “I remember passing a guy in a large 4WD vehicle.  He was driving slowly and cautiously, as you do in a lot of snow.  The fact that I easily overtook and passed him with no safety concerns at all really made an impression on me.”

In fact, this experience made an impression on the whole Outrider team. The Outrider Coyote once again surpassed performance expectations, this time fulfilling its all terrain classification in 12” of snow, with only RWD available. 

“I never expected a RWD Coyote to perform so well in such deep snow. I had planned to ride around the immediate vicinity of where I was staying, but instead I was able to drive all the way across town to a friend's house, and over every piece of terrain in between. It was an amazing experience that really confirmed the capability of the Coyote to me.”

Compact capability was, after all, the goal from the very beginning. Now, the only thing that could make the Outrider team happier is if mother nature brings an encore before the season is over!

Watch the full snow ride video compilation on Outrider’s YouTube page here!


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