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As many of you know, the Outrider team sent a crew to Park City, Utah last month for the No Barriers Summit. We shared information about the Summit in our last blog post, so please refer to it if you want event specific details. Click here to read the post Outrider USA at No Barriers Summit 2015

The purpose of this post is to share our personal experiences at the Summit as well as the experiences of our incredible test riders. It is no secret that we attribute our current and continuing success on our ability to listen to our customers. It was practicing this skill that led to the conception of the Horizon in 2013 and is what continues to aid development as we move towards final production. 

Since the Kickstarter campaign, all of us here at the shop and those who have pre-ordered the Horizon have been eager to see it come to life. Unfortunately, we were not thrilled with the performance of the Kickstarter prototype. Since we refuse to ever deliver a product that falls short of our standards, we went back to the drawing board. Post-Kickstarter prototyping has been an arduous, but essential process. Part of this process is getting people who would genuinely benefit from the Horizon actually test riding it and giving us feedback. There is no better place to find a community of courageous, passionate, and adventurous individuals to test out the Horizon than at the No Barriers Summit. 

Here is Matt Godfrey's recap of the event: 

I was eager to take part in the No Barriers Summit.  Collectively, we chose this summit because it was a great opportunity for Outrider USA to showcase the Horizon and collect valuable feedback on final design aspects.  Our reasons behind the development of the Horizon were both genuine and sincere.  However, as a start-up with finite resources, it is fair to say that most of our discussions revolved around ROI for the money, time and energy we would put towards attending a conference 2000 miles away.  
Ultimately, we did receive a tremendous amount of positive feedback, we made connections with some key decision makers and placed ourselves on the radar of the adaptive community.  However, the most important and unexpected gem that we took from the summit, was a deeper purpose for our work and a deeper appreciation for relishing everything that life has to offer.  Some amazing and patient people taught us to see through the barriers that we all face in life and how to accept those challenges with confidence, humility and pure joy.
I was lucky to be part of an incredible team of people, crammed in a cargo van for 30 hours straight in each direction.  We learned a lot about each other.......I mean a lot!  That trip will forever bind us to a shared experience that was as rewarding for us as it was for the company and the lives we may impact because of our work.


 Thank you to No Barriers, Canyons Resort, and all the participants and companies that helped make this such an incredible event.  The Outrider Team is already looking forward to what next year's Summit has in store!

We were fortunate enough to be able to bring along a full time videographer on the trip to capture our journey. To hear testimonials from our test riders and to see them tearing it up on the Horizon, please check out the videos we have posted on YouTube:

No Barriers Summit, Horizon Adaptive Mountain Bike 

The Horizon Experience at Adaptive Sports Centers 

We hope you enjoy these videos and please check our YouTube page regularly for new content!

Outrider is still a bit new to the adaptive sports arena, and we would love any and all feedback, suggestions and recommendations of other events for us to attend.

 As always, thank you to all our friends, family and followers for your unwavering support and encouragement. We could not do it without you all! 

Ride on, 

The Outrider USA Team 


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