Did you know that 1.42 million miles or more than one-third of all road miles in the U.S. are still unpaved gravel or dirt roads?  Want to ride them all?  Well, there is a new way to explore the rugged backcountry where getting lost has never been more fun.

Announcing the new Horizon from Outrider USA!  For the Horizon, we designed a robust, independent front and rear air-shock suspension and paired it with our industry leading electric drive system. The base model has a range 30-50 miles per charge, and the option of adding up to 3 more modular battery packs for an astounding 120-200 miles. Taking it one step further, we developed a set of key adaptive components, offering a wider range of physical abilities a new way to ride the trails or quite possibly, the opportunity to ride again.        

Accepting pre orders now!  Please call 828-654-7555 or email to discuss details and secure your spot today.  Estimated production start is slated for late summer 2015.


  • Create your own adventure exploring millions of backcountry and primitive roads.
  • Riding on local dirt or gravel trails with the comfort and stability of full-suspension.
  • Ride during the day and power your camp at night with larger capacity battery options.
  • Gain endurance by extending your workout with the electric assist.
  • Conquer that mountain or trail you’ve been dreaming about.
  • Ride with friends on local mountain bike trails (where allowed).
  • Cruise around the neighborhood with your family.


Note: Not all components are finalized and are still subject to change.  Below is very simple outline of specifications/features we are incorporating in the Horizon design:


  • Utilizes proven Outrider belt-drive technology, paired with state of the art planetary gearbox, for incredible torque, durability and capability.
  • Dual-range electronic transmission with low range for climbing steep slopes and high range for cruising the flats.  
  • Always be in the right gear for pedaling with an 11 speed internally geared hub with electronic push-button shifting for ease of use, improved modularity and reduced maintenance.


  • Independent front and rear suspension with adjustable air shocks for a superior ride on varied terrain.
  • Indirect steering allowing for smooth, yet responsive, control whether you are shredding the trails or cruising on hard pack.
  • With an emphasis towards off-road riding, the Horizon is built upon an all-new aluminum monocoque chassis designed to distribute impact throughout the entire chassis for greater structural stability and durability.
  • 6 inches of ground clearance and longer wheelbase for a smooth ride over rough terrain.


  • First of it’s kind shaft-driven handcycle option paired with our powerful electric drive allowing riders to reach new heights.
  • Foot rest option for those not utilizing foot pedals.
  • Rising seat option, driven by an electric actuator, that raises the seat to 20” and lowers back down to riding height making it easier for riders to get on and off.  
  • Tri-pin option is optimized for those with limited hand and wrist function.


  • 4 modular battery compartments allowing 4 range options.
  • The base Horizon includes 1 modular battery pack and each pack offers a range of 30-50 miles per charge. (You can add 1,2 or 3 more packs with a total of 4.)
  • Easily upgradable - more modular battery packs can also be added later or batteries can be switched out in the future as battery performance continues to evolve.
  • On-board charging with standard 1200W charger (~1 mile range per minute of charge) with optional upgraded 2400W charger (~2 miles of range per minute of charge) still providing the fastest charging times in the industry.
  • Streamlined Battery Management System (BMS) for automated battery maintenance and protection.


  • Ergonomically optimized seat - designed by Outrider USA - with a greater range of options to comfortably fit different body types, riding conditions and other physical needs.
  • Removable seat cushion with heavy duty, hydrophobic covering to keep your backside dry.
  • Optional 1000 lumen headlight for riding the trails at night.

All frame components, suspension and battery enclosures have been designed by Outrider USA and are manufactured in the United States.


Matt Godfrey

Stuart Collie asked:

“Will you be able to ship internationally and what would it cost to ship to the UK?”

Yes Stuart, we can ship direct to the UK and many other countries. We have Outriders in Belgium, the UAE and Canada. We will soon add New Zealand and Ireland to the list of international shipments.

All Outriders are shipped fully assembled and ready to ride. For an international shipment, It will be secured in a sturdy wooden crate for protection on the long journey. We need more information to give you a shipping quote. Please reach out with a shipping address and I can get back to you with a pretty close estimate. Thanks for the question.

Stuart collie

Will you be able to ship internationally and what would it cost to ship to the UK?

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